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SUNDOUK Services

Extra Fast Delivery

Our services are the fastest in the market but If you want your shipment to be handled with even more urgency, this service is for you.

Basic Photography

We take photos of each package and its contents upon arrival to our facility. You can request to see them to check if you received the right products and to initiate returns, if needed.

Package Content Inspection

Do you want us to inspect the quantity, sizes and quality of what you bought? Request this service to be able to return your purchase to the merchant before it is too late.

Package Consolidation

Shopping from more than one place? Consolidate your merchandise into one single shipment to save on shipping costs and customs fees and tariffs.

Pay in COD

Want to pay in cash at your doorstep? Request this service upon checkout so we can collect shipping fees from you in cash.

Full Insurance

Put your mind at ease and request full insurance of all your shipments against loss, theft and damage for a very small insurance fee.

Advanced Photography

You can request advanced photographs of the inner contents of your packages, in details, when needed.